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Chalk Streams Display at the Lincolnshire Wolds Walking Festival Launch

Chalk streams are important habitats for wildlife and support a huge range of plants and animals. They have characteristic plant communities, often dominated in mid-channel by river water crowfoot and starworts, and along the edges by watercress and lesser water-parsnip, other wildlife you may find are freshwater shrimp, mayflies, caddis, snails, water vole, otter, kingfisher trout, bullhead, eels and brook lamprey.


If you are a keen angler and fish on any of Lincolnshire's chalk streams please record your catch with us.

OR, If you are out and about on the streams and you see any wildlife please do let us know.
Please use the link below to tell us your name, the date you saw it, the location (grid reference if known), stream name (if known) and what you caught or have seen.

Please contact us if you'd like to get involved


River Crowfoot

Report Pollution
If you see evidence of pollution in a chalk stream, fish in distress or any other risk to the wildlife in a stream call the Environment Agency hotline number 0800 807060. This is only for emergencies, for general enquiries then please use 03708 506506 during office hours.

Use water more wisely
Everybody can help to conserve and protect Lincolnshire's chalk streams by using less water in homes and gardens. Our water comes from the same place as chalk streams – the aquifer. Simple changes in our day to day lives will reduce the impacts on these streams and help to maintain natural flows.

Comment on the update to draft river basin managment plan consultation                                               This consultation gives you the chance to comment on shaping the water environment throughout England. Consider the issues, current and possible future action to protect and improve the water environment, and the outcomes that are worth achieving.
Your input matters, especially for the protection of our chalk streams. Deciding how best to work, what to invest in and where, how fast action should be taken and who should pay is a complex process with significant consequences. The updated river basin management plans will direct considerable investment and action from 2016 and provide benefits to society and the environment.
The chalk streams in Lincolnshire cover two River Bain Districts areas Anglian and the Humber so please take the time to read the plans and provide comments on the plans that will help to restore the chalk streams benefitting yourselves, other communities, farmers, landowners and wildlife.

Update to the draft river basin management plans

Fit a water-saving device to the toilet cistern – this can save up to 2 litres per flush
• Collect rainwater in the garden using a water butt
• Have a shower instead of a bath
• Mend dripping taps – they can waste up to as much as 90 litres of water per week

For more tips on using water wisely visit the following sites

Anglian Water                                                         




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